Five Crucial Preventive Dental Procedures

5 Important Preventative Dental Care Treatments | Sonoma, CA

Preventive dental treatments are essential in maintaining your teeth and gums healthy during your life. But somehow it goes farther than that. Good dental health can have an influence on your overall health. Preventive dental treatments include education, treatment, and inculcates the discipline of maintaining good oral hygiene. The treatments are designed to keep cavities, enamel erosion, gum diseases and periodontitis at bay. In our previous blog, we have explained the best age to opt for preventive care in Sonoma. In this blog, we shall be listing out five most vital dental treatments that are often included in preventive dentistry.

5 Important Preventative Dental Care Treatments in Sonoma:

  1. Cleaning of Teeth:

    Teeth cleaning is a crucial component of oral hygiene. It cleans the dental plaque off the teeth. Teeth cleaning thereby avoids caries, inflammation, and periodontitis. Brushing and interdental cleaning are commonly used by people to clean their teeth. General dentistry in Sonoma can remove stubborn coatings that are not eliminated by ordinary cleaning.

  2. Dental Sealants:

    A dental sealant is a thin plastic layer. This is applied in the crevices of the teeth. Most commonly the rear teeth are subjected to this procedure because they are employed for chewing. The sealant protects the teeth against food particles and microorganisms which triggers tooth cavity in Sonoma. Dental sealants, when used correctly, can safeguard your teeth against deterioration.

  3. Using Mouth Guards:

    If you're into playing sports, such as boxing and football, using a mouth guard can be a great way to prevent any unfortunate damage to your teeth. Try getting a custom fit guard with a dentistry in Sonoma to receive the highest level of protection.

  4. Treatment With Fluoride:

    Fluoride strengthens teeth by remineralization. This is a process in which minerals bond to failing portions of tooth enamel. It also prevents dental decay by interfering with bacteria's synthesis of acids. Fluoride is a cost-effective strategy to preserve good dental health. It will prevent costly treatments such as dental implants in Sonoma in the long term.

  5. Frequent Oral Checkups:

    Routine dental appointments are essential. They help the teeth and gums stay fit. And during the dental exam, your dentist in Sonoma will examine your general oral health and look for any problem areas. Any plaque and tartar accumulation on your teeth will be eliminated during the cleaning, and your teeth may be polished.


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