Types of Preventive Care Treatments Provided by General Dentistry

5 Preventive Care Treatment By General Dentistry | Sonoma CA

General dentistry includes primary dental care for all ages. Preventive treatments, teeth cleaning, and oral examinations are provided by the best dentist in Sonoma. If one gets the required preventive care then his/her gums and teeth will become healthy and free from cavities, gum diseases, and oral damages. In our previous blog, we have explained 6 general dental checkups offered by general dentistry in Sonoma. Now read through the article to discover the 5 preventive care treatments provided by general dentistry.

Understanding Preventive Dental Care in Sonoma:

Preventive dentistry is oral care that helps keep the mouth healthy. Preventive care in Sonoma includes brushing, flossing, and keeping track of one's teeth from the very beginning. Preventive care provided by general dentistry in Sonoma comes with loads of benefits.

5 Preventive Care Treatments Available By General Dentistry in Sonoma:

  1. Deep Cleanings:

    Getting one's teeth properly and deeply cleaned is one of the best measures to avoid big dental issues. General dental clinics offer deep cleaning to their patients. This procedure is recommended at least once in 6 months.

  2. Dental Sealants:

    One of the popular treatments of general dentistry in Sonoma is dental sealants. This is done on children as they consume loads of sugar that causes tooth decay and cavities. This treatment helps the back of the teeth. It is fast, simple, and free of pain.

  3. Fluoride Use:

    This is a very common general dentistry preventive care treatment. Here fluoride is used as a gel on the teeth. This is the direct use of the liquid or gel on the teeth. The gel and liquid contain an essential mineral that strengthens the surface of the teeth. This application prevents cracks, chips, and weakness.

  4. Composite Bonding:

    Dental bonding is also included in preventive care treatment. It is a very simple treatment that helps to strengthen the teeth. Dentists in Sonoma use a material called composite resin and a light to cure it. After the material is placed, the excess will be removed by the dentist. This material will help stop the chipping, breaking, and cracking of the teeth.

  5. Dental Fillings:

    This treatment is done to repair minor tooth damage. This treatment will not let further decay continue, thus saving the teeth. Fillings can be made with metal or ceramic. This is left to the patient to choose.

Benefits of Preventative Care in Sonoma by General Dentistry

Preventive dentistry lessens the chances of getting cavities, gingivitis, losing the enamel on the teeth, periodontitis, and other dental problems.


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