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Synergy Dental Group is a pioneer in utilizing comprehensive care as a method to achieve full body well-being. By incorporating elements of biologic, or holistic dentistry into each procedure, our Sonoma dental practice prides itself on providing patients with an exceptional blend of welcoming atmosphere and advanced technology. We offer a range of specialty procedures tailored to meet each patients’ dental needs and aesthetic goals.

Biologic Dental Services at Synergy Dental Group

Synergy Dental Group is a premier center for smiles, helping patients achieve exceptional oral health through individualized care. Our alternative approach to dentistry focuses on the often underestimated impact that dental problems can have on a person’s overall health. To address this oral-systemic connection, Synergy Dental Group uses only non-toxic restorative materials for dental work and recommends multi-faceted tests to identify and accurately address dental issues without compromising total body wellness.

Our Sonoma dental practice specializes in treating multi-disciplinary issues, with emphasis on Airway Focused Dentistry, including therapy for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), oral facial pain, and sleep apnea. When treating these conditions with dental solutions, patients quickly notice an improvement in their overall health.

In addition to comprehensive preventive dental care such as oral cancer screenings and gum disease care, Synergy Dental Group offers a number of specialty procedures, including:

The ROTARY Club of Sonoma Valley

Dr. Kimberly Quan Hubenette, DDS, MAGD

Sonoma Dentist

Dr. Hubenette earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Southern California in 1993. Participation in the Advanced Dental Aptitude Placement Training program allowed her to complete her undergraduate studies in two years and Dental School in four years.

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  • Pro air filtration
  • Sterilization with hypochlorous water killing 99.9 % within 15 secs
  • New PPE including ozone therapy
  • Mini air vacuums in each operatory
  • Clean air ionizing filtration for the entire office
  • Safe Amalgam mercury removal technique
  • Anti Aging Dentistry
  • Collaboration with your physicians and health professionals to gain Whole Body Health
  • Airway Focused

Our Comprehensive Dental Services



At Synergy Dental Group believe that dental wellness is the key to overall health. By treating dental issues early, patients can prevent secondary health consequences. For more information about our dental services and to schedule your next appointment, contact the team at Synergy Dental Group today.

We serve patients from Sonoma and the surrounding communities of El Verano, Vineburg, and Temelec. Synergy Dental Group is located off 3rd Street West in Sonoma, one block north of Sonoma Valley Hospital. Our dental team is looking forward to helping you achieve full-body wellness through exceptional dental care.

Spa Treatments Available

At Synergy Dental Group, we believe in welcoming our patients and having them be comfortable. Our front counter is open and inviting. Flavorful hot teas and cool beverages are available. Music in every room helps drown out undesirable noises and put you at ease. When approaching the front counter, you will notice during the COVID Pandemic we have had to eliminate paraffin hand treatments, our beverage bar, and Blankets.

We hope to re-add these services when it is safe to do so.



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