Anti-Aging Dentistry: Affordable, less invasive procedures

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The Anti-Aging Dental Secrets You Never Knew

Seeking the confidence you once had? A smile makeover may be just what you are looking for. Our Synergy Dental Group Anti-Aging program can help get you on the right track to success.

Synergy Dental Group is a pioneer in Anti-Aging Solutions for Whole Body Health. With our Anti-Aging Program, we can help transform you in a natural-looking way, inside and out, using a combination of Cosmetic Dentistry and true anti-aging health secrets. Ask us about our affordable enhancement solutions.

“OMG, MY first Wrinkle!” It is not easy looking in the mirror to find your first gray hair, a wrinkle or an age spot on your face. Anyone who claims they don’t care about looking younger are either graced with amazing DNA or lying to herself. Once you reach a certain age, you begin wishing you could turn back the clock and recapture that youthful skin you took for granted.

There are many solutions to slow down aging. Some people attempt to revitalize their appearance with supplements, skin creams, makeup, and new hairstyle or to the extreme with plastic surgery.

Most do not think about Cosmetic Dentistry, however, it is now a viable solution. Did you know you can actually lose years off of your face quickly with Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry

You might be skeptical about the idea that altering your teeth could possibly make you look younger, but take it from the experts: New teeth not only make you look younger, they make you feel and look smarter, wealthier, and happier.

The Aging Problem: Dark spaces

The Anti-Aging Solution: Smile makeover

As you age, it’s not unusual for dark “holes” to develop at the corners of your mouth. You might think it’s impossible to fill these up, but the right cosmetic dentistry procedures can manipulate the shape of your teeth and smile to eliminate any dark spaces in your smile. There is a solution for almost any budget. Let our Synergy Dental Team help decide which options are best for you and discover a world of possibilities you never thought you could afford. Your cosmetic dentist can determine what techniques are best for your dental needs and, the best part is, solutions could be as simple as Invisalign orthodontics, adding teeth with Partial Dentures, replacing missing teeth with implants or masking spaces with porcelain veneers. All of these choices can help to fill out lines and wrinkles around your mouth and lips and more affordable than you may have imagined.

Ultimately, cosmetic dentistry is, by default, anti-aging dentistry. Anything you have done to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile will make you look better and, most importantly, feel better. When done well and customized to your individual needs, the changes in your smile – no matter how small – will look natural, revitalize your appearance, and make you look younger instantly. And when a smile makeover happens in conjunction with facial rejuvenation, you’ll feel like a brand new you.

Schedule your personal consultation with our Doctors at Synergy Dental Group to learn more about your smile makeover options.

Some of the most common complaints about aging can be altered with a subtle teeth whitening or a smile make over. Below are just some of them:

The Aging problem: Stained teeth

The Anti-Aging solution: Professional teeth whitening

Whether it was a past smoking habit, years of coffee, tea, or wine, discolored tooth enamel can make you look older than your true age.

A simple anti aging solution is a cosmetic teeth-whitening treatment. Synergy Dental Group offers a few choices. From as quick as 20 minutes to an hour, a professional teeth whitening can erase stained enamel and make them white again, leaving you to look younger and healthier. A white smile – even if it’s not perfect or straight – can do wonders for your self-esteem by brightening your face and encouraging you to smile more often. If that isn’t enough, read on…

The Aging problem: Sagging cheeks

The Anti-Aging solution: Dental implants

Missing a tooth??? Gaps in your mouth can slowly collapse a once beautiful smile. Even if you think nobody can see, think again. A lost molar can affect the foundation of your jawbone and can cause your cheeks to sag or have “Jowls”, a common complaint of aging adults. Reverse the signs of aging with restoring your smile with an implant. Not only do implants rebuild the bedrock of your smile, they can take years off of an aging, sinking, face. Not a candidate for implants? Synergy Dental Group offers a variety of alternatives such as bridges, partials, and dentures.

The Aging problem: Thinning lips

The Anti-Aging solution: Porcelain veneers

The loss of collagen is a common side effect of aging, and one of the first places collagen disappears is from your lips. Synergy Dental Group offers a combination of plumping injectable solutions to enhance their dentistry as well as the more popular dental choice, porcelain veneers. Veneers are the most popular and versatile way of tackling a list of aging complaints.

Porcelain Veneers sit on your natural teeth, which can be subtle and naturally bumps out your lips this move gives you a plumper pout, which may even help erase a wrinkle or two. Veneers are responsible for tackling a host of aesthetic complaints, including stains, discoloration, cracks, gaps, and misalignment. Porcelain veneers can also help minimize fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and support your jaw line. If you want your lips to be even fuller, Synergy Dental Group offers plumping injectable solutions to enhance their dentistry. Not interested in veneers? Synergy Dental Group services include Invisalign orthodontics and teeth whitening alternatives.

The Aging problem: Worn down or broken teeth

The Anti-Aging solution: Porcelain crowns

You don’t have to be a tooth grinder to have worn down enamel. You may have a chipped or broken a tooth, or you may have acid erosion. Regardless of the reason why you have worn teeth, it looks unsightly. Your teeth work hard so it’s not unusual to see an adult with worn-down teeth. Sometimes broken teeth can cause a vertical dimension collapse and can actually interfere with the proper closing of your jaw. A collapsed mouth can also cause TMJ issues. This constant discomfort can prevent you from eating, chewing and prevent you from smiling. At Synergy Dental Group, our dentists may recommend a smile analysis and porcelain crowns to repair the worn-down teeth, TMJ treatment to deal with the clenching, or Invisalign braces to repair a dysfunctional mouth.

Ask us to help you find out what treatments are right for your smile makeover, and a newer, younger-looking you!

The Aging Problem: Sullen sunken face

The Anti-Aging Solution; A Smile Lift – Correcting Vertical Dimension loss (Facially integrated smile design)

We don’t know what we don’t see. People are quick to go to a plastic surgeon to fix a nose, chin, jowls or do a face lift – but actually it may be their teeth that’s making them look older. Large noses may not be as genetically predisposition as we used to think. Studies are now being published that mouth and jaw growth guidance at an early age may help prevent the need for most plastic surgery. After 20, our bodies start aging, this holds true for teeth as well. Enamel, which is constantly under attack from acids, food, sugar, and grinding forces, gradually erodes .01millimetres per year off the tops of our teeth. This phenomenon causes a loss of vertical height and wrinkles at the corner of the lips start to appear. Add extra stress or stronger grinding forces, the reduction of enamel can happen at a much faster pace. Many people will go first to their plastic surgeon for a face lift rather than see a dentist, who can actually do a lot more to rejuvenate your face by restoring the vertical dimension. People should then go to the dentist first before the plastic surgeon. Ask Us for a Smile Analysis before you go to the extreme of plastic surgery.

The Aging Problem; Dark Brown Patches, Gum discoloration

The Anti-Aging Solution; Gingival Peeling

Some people can experience discoloration of gums as they age resulting in brown spots or darkening of that tissue which has an immediate aging effect. Also pink gums look a lot healthier and younger than grey or brown. This can be done by physical removal using a bur, or by laser or acid. Gingival peeling is a non-invasive, instantaneous treatment done under local anesthetic to alter the color of gums back to their youthful healthy color. This should always be done prior to any veneers or cosmetic dental work as it sets the tone. The Dentists at Synergy Dental Group can let you know if you are a candidate for this procedure.

The Aging Problem: Flaccid Lips

The Anti-Aging Solution: Facial fillers on the INSIDE of the lip to enhance dentistry

To enhance our dentistry, our dentists use fillers on the inside of the lips and gum tissue to help support the teeth and mouth musculature. A youthful smile will show your front teeth at a relaxed facial expression. As we age, the loss of collagen in the lips and in some cases grinding can shorten the teeth, resulting in the lips to be covering your teeth, resulting in a more aged appearance. By using a facial filler on the inside of the lip, it can add volume and lift the lip revealing that tip of the two front teeth once again. Your dentist can also fill in black triangles between the teeth using fillers. Ask our Synergy Dental Group team for a smile analysis to see if you are a candidate for dental-enhanced fillers.

The Aging Problem; Receding Gums

The Anti-Aging Solution; Pinhole Technique– Gingival Grafting

For more information please click here to read about Pinhole Technique– Gingival Grafting

The Aging Problem: Sharp Teeth

The Anti-Aging Solution: Shape- Dental Contouring

We know that the shape of a person’s teeth, not only their size, can have a huge influence on how others perceive that person. Men usually have squarer teeth and women usually have rounder anatomy so a dentist must be extremely cautious in controlling the design and shape of someone’s new smile because if not carefully planned according to the patient’s anatomy and gender we can create emotional distress without even knowing it, or the patient even knowing it.

Sometimes all it takes is to reshape a few teeth to create a gorgeous smile. Ask our Synergy Dental team how a smile analysis may guide you to find your anti-aging solution.

The Aging Problem: lack of Energy

The Anti-Aging Solution: Revitalization

Sometimes smiling and feeling good can be taken for granted. In our Anti-Aging program we not only help with teeth and mouth, but offer solutions for whole body health. We are made of billions of cells and if they are not working well, your body starts showing signs and symptoms of aging and disease process. Our Team of professionals at Synergy Dental Group can provide you with whole body health solutions utilizing nutrigenomic products that include probiotics, herbal supplements, and Protandim-Nrf2 products clinically proven to reduce Oxidative stress by as an average of 40% within 30 days. Also, with the introduction of NRF1- Protandim, increasing mitochondria and ATP energy to our cells has never been possible until now.

The Aging Problem: Low metabolism/ Weight Gain

The Anti-Aging Solution: Weight Management

Did you know weight gain could be from lack of quality of sleep and an increase of Cortisol hormone in the body that contributes to low metabolism? As you age, your metabolism decreases, and in turn, you are constantly battling weight. This can lead to snoring and obstructions in your airway. Lack of sleep will contribute to an increase in oxidative damage to your body and more disease possibilities. Lack of quality of sleep can equal lack of reparatory or recovery from damage and can catapult you into a multitude of chronic symptoms. Eventually, chronic problems lead to diseases because your body cannot keep up with the oxidative damage in your cells. Our professionals at Synergy Dental Group have nutritional backgrounds and can assist you with our weight management program to help your entire body become healthier and happier you.

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