At Synergy Dental Group, we believe in welcoming our patients and having them be comfortable. When approaching the front counter, you will notice there are no barriers; our front counter is open and inviting. Flavorful hot teas and cool beverages are available. Music in every room helps drown out undesirable noises and put you at ease. You may choose from our "Music Wine List" a selection that you would like to hear during your visit. We have put together a collection of wonderful music for you to choose from, anything from relaxation to children's classics to popular tunes. Satellite music can be heard in the overhead speakers and can be requested in your room during your appointment. Blankets and pillows are available to keep you nice and cozy, and should you want to, go ahead and kick off your shoes! Back Massage pads for longer visits help you reach ultimate relaxation. Steaming hot and scented face cloths are a nice way to end your stay.

And finally, the ultimate spa treatment and favorite amenity of both men and women is our new hospitality lounge where you may enjoy a massage in our specialty chairs while having a Parafin Hand Wax Treatment. Come early or stay after! We invite you to take advantage of this treatment and enjoy a nice, warm, hand-softening experience.

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