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Laser Dentistry

Lasers have been used in dentistry for more than two decades. The advancements in dental technology that have taken place in the recent past have revolutionized our approach towards dental care. The dental procedures which were once known to be painful and needed more recovery time can be completed easily without causing any pain at our Sonoma office today. The amazing qualities of lasers, namely accuracy, speed, and effectiveness in treating diseased tissues have made the laser technology one of the most reliable tools in dental medicine. The technology has been used in many areas of dental medicine because of its wonderful qualities. Our patients are delighted to be treated with this sophisticated technology since it has enhanced the experience of dental treatment. Laser dentistry technology has no doubt been one of our major assets that have let us treat our patients better and quicker.

Why laser technology is helpful?

Laser technology makes use of a beam of monochromatic light which is shined over the treatment location to achieve the desired functions (drilling, reshaping and piercing through soft tissues). Thanks to this technology, the tasks that required use of mechanical tools are easily completed using lasers today. Following are the fine qualities of lasers which makes them preferable over other options.

  • Accuracy – The dentist can accurately target and treat select areas without disturbing the nearby tissues
  • Recovery time – Because there is no bleeding involved in the treatment process the recovery time is low
  • Bleeding – Bleeding is greatly reduced because the cells clot quickly after the laser light is shined
  • Less anxious patients – Because of absence of sound, patients can feel more comfortable lasers

All these advantages have increased the use of lasers in many areas of dental medicine.

Laser technology – Common applications

Laser technology has been utilized for a wide range of applications in dental medicine. They are more commonly used for procedures that involve soft tissues.

Cosmetic treatment

Laser technology can be used to reshape the gum-line and enhance the smile. This treatment is recommended when the patient has a gummy smile. Teeth whitening is another treatment procedure where laser technology is used to clear stains.

Periodontal treatment

Lasers are used to cure infected gum tissues. Lasers can easily penetrate through the gum pockets and treat infected tissues to kill bacteria. The laser beam is highly accurate and effective in clearing bacteria from gum pockets.


Lasers are wonderful tools to remove tongue ties in babies. The treatment can improve speech and help in breastfeeding.

Make an appointment and speak to our dentist about your dental concerns. Our team explains to you how laser technology works and how your oral health can be improved through the treatment.

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Max Bomberger

For over 10 years I have been going here and I have watched them grow into the best dental facility that Northern California has to offer! The staff is awesome, and the service is professional. I absolutely love it here!

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She is a very caring exceptional dentist that explains and gives me all possible options to make my decision. The same staff has been there for ages. I feel special when I go there. Everyone remembers my name.

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B R. Sonoma, CA

This was not easy for me, as I am not fond of going to the dentist, but I loved my dentist. I feel fortunate that I have found Dr Hubenette and her staff. Everyone is very kind and considerate. Very gentle which I truly appreciated. They explain everything that they are doing and pay close attention to detail. Dr Hubenette even called to be sure all was well after the procedure. Thank you, ladies.

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Julie C.

Dr. Hubinette is fabulous -- a professional, an artist, and a great dentist. I can't say enough about her and her staff. In addition to the nuts and bolts of my dental health, she REALLY cared about my smile..... as much as I did. I know, because I ended up cracking my front tooth and she wasn't satisfied with the result, until it was a perfect match. I will be forever grateful, every time I smile...........................

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Kathleen L.

Dr. Kimberly Hubenette of Synergy Dental Group is the best and most Compassionate dentist in town, hands down! Not only is she my dentist, but she is now my husband's dentist. Recently he had an emergency toothache on a holiday 3-day weekend and Dr. Hubenette was the only dentist in our town who could be reached and was willing to help him. In fact, she came into her office and got him out of pain very fast. I don't know of any other dentist that would have done this! I can't say enough good things about Dr. Hubenette and her practice!

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