Nearly one in two adults believes that a smile is one of the most important features during the first meeting. Given a chance, there are many people who wish to make changes in their smile. Surveys have shown that many people in the US are not happy with the brightness of their smile. Tooth whitening is one of the cosmetic procedures most of them prefer to improve their appearance. As an affordable procedure of cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening is very effective and gives quick results. The process brightens the smile giving new life to the pearly whites of the patient. If you wish to brighten your teeth speak to our team and we can give life to your dream smile. Our treatment aims to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and Zoom® tooth whitening in Sonoma city is just one of our popular offerings.

Causes for teeth discoloration

There are many causes for teeth to get discolored. The causes can lead to both intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration. Enamel is the top most layer of tooth structure which is porous in nature. It attracts food particles which forms a layer of stain over enamel. The stain layer can cause the teeth to look dull. The main causes for discoloration of teeth are listed below.

How teeth whitening works?

We use an advanced technology for teeth whitening at our office. Our Zoom! Whitening process employs Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp which helps in removal of stain layer. Hydrogen peroxide which is a bleaching agent is used in the process and the lamp is said to accelerate the reaction. Hydrogen peroxide undergoes oxidation and clears the stain from porous enamel layer. Zoom! Whitening process is very effective and can be a key in earning a wonderful smile.

Teeth whitening at our office

Although there are over-the-counter products available for the purpose of teeth whitening our in-house process is safer and more effective. Our dentist makes sure to treat gum problems and tooth decay and a professional teeth cleaning is performed before starting the whitening procedure. The brightness of the teeth is measured using shade scale. This helps us in registering the difference between the brightness before and after the tooth whitening process. Our dentist covers gums with proper protective layers before starting the whitening procedure. Hydrogen peroxide gel is applied over teeth and the teeth are left exposed to the Zoom! Lamp for about 15 minutes. This process is repeated 3 times and in a time span of 45 minutes or less than an hour the procedure is complete. After the process is complete sensitivity reducing gel is applied over teeth. Our dentist explains to patients healthy habits and provides tips on a good diet which can help them retain white teeth for long.

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