4 Ways To Reverse the Signs of Aging With Anti-Aging Dentistry

When you start seeing changes on your face like wrinkles and age spots you wish you didn't see them, and they were never there. You would think of getting botox infusions or other non-intrusive medicines. While some concerns can be surely helped through spa medicines and intrusive medical procedures, no one thinks of Cosmetic dentistry. This is one great intrusive strategy to battle your age.

Cosmetic dentistry in Sonoma is rising and is one of the best anti-aging procedures that one should choose. Synergy Dental Group is one of the best places to get your anti-aging procedures done. They provide full-body wellness through excellent Anti-Ageing Dentistry.

Anti-Aging Dentistry in Sonoma:

Anti-aging is cosmetically used to change your appearance. It has nothing to do with health issues. Stained teeth, thin lips, sunken faces can be corrected through anti-aging dentistry. It alters the teeth and facial structure in a very natural way and slows down the effects on them.

Let's Look at Some of the Anti-Aging Treatments in Sonoma:

  1. Stained Teeth:

    Stained teeth due to wine, coffee, tea, and smoking can be corrected through a very simple and easy anti-aging Sonoma. This treatment needs just 20 to 60 minutes and experts can remove stained enamel and give that flashy white color again. A good wide white smile has recurring positive effects.

  2. Jowls:

    Jowls are also called sagging cheeks. A missing molar can distort the structure of the jaws and cause the cheeks to sag. This problem is fixed with dental implants, the implants act as a foundation to rebuild a smile.

  3. Thinning of Lips:

    The loss of collagen in your lips can make them thinner. Dentists inject solutions or use porcelain veneers to treat this problem. The veneers are placed on the teeth to naturally push out the lips and give them a plumper smile, this process also reduces one or two wrinkles by supporting the area around the mouth and jaws.

  4. Worn Down or Broken Teeth:

    No matter how your teeth get worn down, it changes one's appearance completely. Broken teeth can cause vertical dimensions to collapse, and this, in turn, affects the closing of jaws. This can cause TMJ. One fix this problem with the help of porcelain crowns.

Along those lines, anti-aging Sonoma also corrects Dark spaces, sullen sunken faces, Flaccid Lips, Receding Gums, Sharp Teeth, Low metabolism/Weight Gain, and lack of Energy.


Synergy Dental Group guarantees to help you get your lost confidence and reverse the hands of time. Patients who have visited this clinic have rated Dr. Kimberly Quan Hubenette and her team were the best. For more information about Anti-Aging Treatment in Sonoma call us at (707) 938-9066 and schedule an appointment today.

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