Why take your Periodontal Disease or Gum Infection seriously?!!

Periodontal disease or gum infection is an inflammatory disease that is caused by specific harmful pathogens in your oral cavity. The oral cavity is an open system exposed to the environment. Furthermore, the possibilities of foreign material entering the system from the oral cavity are heightened due to the constant intake of food and liquids through the mouth. Approximately 500 different bacterial species and various human viruses are associated with dental plaque. In the recent years research has shown a strong correlation between oral and systemic diseases. Significant associations have been linked between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, preterm low birth weight, and osteoporosis have been discovered, bridging the once-wide gap between medicine and dentistry. Knowing this important information please don’t allow your self or your loved ones to delay treatment of this harmful disease any longer.

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