Why is Preventive Dental Care superior?

Most of us realize the significance of flossing and brushing twice a day. But often, we violate the rule. Besides, the majority of the people stop by the dentist only when they encounter a dental issue. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests sticking to biannual dental examinations or good dental health. It should be combined with routine measures to maintain ideal oral hygiene. Such combination of preventive care in Sonoma will not only enhance your dental health but also uplift the standard of life.

Preventive care in Sonoma emphasizes defending the teeth from habitual dental issues. The treatments customarily include the following: dental check-ups at regular intervals, cleaning, and fluoride treatment among others. The following advantages can be availed of at Synergy Dental Group where Dr. Kimberly Quan Hubenette practices.

The Advantages of Preventive Care in Sonoma:

  1. Early Diagnosis:

    Many dental issues such as gum issues, periodontal disease and decay never display any signs initially. The ideal way to recognize them is through systematic dental assessment. As part of preventive care in Sonoma, Dr. Kimberly Quan Hubenette at Synergy Dental Group will assess your gums, teeth and check for plaque formation as well.

  2. Strong Teeth:

    The usage of fluoride toothpaste is suggested to keep the teeth clean and healthy. Fluoride encourages the reabsorption of phosphate and calcium which are crucial for the health of your teeth. These minerals screen the teeth from acid attacks caused by highly acidic food materials. They also help the reversal of light cavities. Even children can opt for fluoride treatments.

  3. Avert Cavity and Decay:

    Plaque is a narrow film that accumulates on top of the teeth. Though regular brushing helps remove the plaque to some extent, deep cleaning is necessary to overcome it completely. Deep cleaning, as part of preventive care in Sonoma, is offered as an aspect of preventive dental care. This can prevent costly dental solutions at a later stage.

  4. Strengthens Overall Well-Being:

    Routine check-ups can trace even the tiniest cracks or cavities on your teeth. They can ensure better appearance and well-being of teeth through timely dental fillings. Taking care to prevent decay and cavities to metamorphose into periodontal diseases also prevents the possibilities of heart ailments.

  5. Peace of Mind:

    Costly restorative dental solutions can be prevented with timely preventive dental care. One can save energy, time and resources to a substantial degree by opting for preventive care in Sonoma.


If you are domiciled in Sonoma, consider visiting Synergy Dental Group where Dr. Kimberly Quan Hubenette practices, for preventive care in Sonoma. Check their website to gather more information regarding payment options, patient surveys and testimonials. Schedule an appointment via their website or have a conversation by calling at 707-938-9066 and schedule an appointment today.

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