What you can expect in your one hour hygiene visit!!

Here at Synergy Dental Group our team cares about your whole-body health. We strive to prevent disease and to educate you at every visit. Our caring hygienists specifically design and tailor treatments with your input to help you reach your maximum potential for a healthy smile and overall healthy body. Thus your one hour hygiene visit is very important and it can consist of but is not limited to the following procedures:

1. Medical History and Medication updates (many conditions and medications can cause oral/dental problems).

2. Blood Pressure Check.

Blood Pressure Check

3. Necessary Radiographs (Check-up annually, Full set every 3-5 years) to check for bone health, decay and any infection.

Necessary Radiographs

4. Intra/Extra Oral head and neck cancer evaluation (Visually and with Velscope light).

cancer evaluation

5. Airway assessment (lack of oxygen causes problems both orally and systemically).

Airway assessment

6. Occlusion (Positioning of your bite and how your teeth come together).


7. Periodontal examination (Gum assessment to customize your type of hygiene appointment is appropriate for you).

Periodontal examination

8. Saliva PH testing to indicate the acidity level in your oral cavity which is directly related to tooth decay.

Saliva PH testing

9. Saliva Oral DNA testing (Identification of specific pathogens that cause gum disease, HPV, HSV, DNA marker genetic and environmental, and Oral Candidiasis).

Saliva Oral DNA testing

10. Arestin locally placed antibiotic as needed for active gum infection and deep pockets.


11. Laser therapy to treat Active Gum Infection, Cold Sores, and Aphthous Ulcers.

Laser therapy

12. Suggestion of specific prescription strength products to suit your needs such as fluoridated tooth pastes or rinses, MI paste (calcium phosphate) for cavity prone patients, Probiotics while taking antibiotics to restore gut flora, and Ora-Care mouth wash for active gum infection.

specific prescription 1
specific prescription 2
specific prescription 3
specific prescription 4

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