DNA Testing Available in Office

Science and technology have made leaps and bounds in the last decade and we are excited to share with our patients an amazing feature we have available in our practice that can further help improve not only their oral health but their overall health. DNA testing may sound like it is out of a CSI TV show or saved for medical researches but we are lucky to have this technology in our practice to help better serve our patients. A question you may ask is what does my DNA have to do with my oral health. Dental professionals know that there are several types of bacteria that can reside in a mouth but what many don’t know is that each type can lead to a specific problem that will not only affect the oral health but can affect overall health as well.

This may sound complicated but the actual test only takes 1 minute in office, all we need is a sample of your saliva which we will then mail to the testing facility. Within two weeks your results will come back. The oral DNA lab offers nine different tests. The test we most often like to use is MyPerioPath, which determines if any of the specific strains of the eleven possibilities of bacteria are present in the mouth. From the results we can customize the treatment needed for each individual patient. We are very excited to be able to offer customizable services to our patients. Everyone is unique and this is what makes the world we live in an exciting place.

Stay tuned for blog topics on other DNA tests we offer in office

DNA testing available in office
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