Can Bacteria in your mouth Trigger a Stroke?

We believe in the Synergy Dental group that the health of your mouth is directly related to your overall health. We have read several studies linking bacteria in the mouth to serious health problems. Researchers at Tampere University have found the presence of DNA from oral pathogens in the cerebral emboli of stroke patients, signifying adverse effects of substandard oral health. The Journal of the American Heart Association published a study showing the connection between the oral/systemic link and overall wellness. Of the 75 patients who underwent thrombectomies, 84% (63 participants) tested positive for bacterial DNA in their blood clots. Among them, 59 of these patients (79%) had a strain of the Streptococcus species. We strive to help educate our patients on the importance of routine dental visits to screen for infections in the mouth. At Synergy Dental Group we are one of two offices in the town of Sonoma that offer Oral DNA testing to be able to identify the specific bacteria that a patient can have present in their mouth causing a disease.

Call our office today to come in and have your saliva tested for the presence of disease-causing bacteria.

Can Bacteria in your mouth Trigger a Stroke
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