Are Dental Implants Comparable With Natural Teeth?

5 Preventive Care Tips Regarding Dental Implant Treatment in Sonoma

Your options for dentures to substitute missing or lost teeth are numerous. Dental implants are far more natural, secure and long-lasting replacement than traditional dentures. In our previous blog, we have explained about, how dental implants in Sonoma are comparable with natural teeth?

Manufactured from titanium, the dental implant is a post inserted surgically to the jawbone. The procedure remains incomplete if you are unaware of the methods to care for dental implants properly. The Implant’s length of service depends on the kind of care you provide. Read on to discover the five essential preventive care in Sonoma pointers you need to be aware of about dental implant treatment below.

5 Tips for Preventive Care Regarding Dental Implant in Sonoma:

  1. Brushing Routine:

    The toothbrushes that are designed specifically for individuals with dental implants must be brought. These brushes can reach regions within the mouth which regular toothbrushes can’t. Brushing twice a day is highly suggested for preventive care in Sonoma when it comes to dental implants.

  2. Flossing Without Fail:

    Flossing more than once a day, preferably after your meal, is a good routine. The usage of a standard dental floss to remove stubborn food particles is recommended for the upkeep of dental implants in Sonoma. If not, bacteria’s create cavities, through these food scraps, which will adversely affect the dental implants in the future. Moreover, systematic flossing can prevent gum or tooth damages as well.

  3. Systematic Appointments:

    Consulting a dental specialist systematically is essential for the upkeep of dental implants. Questions pertaining to discomforts, maintenance, expenses and proper placement of dental implants must be addressed clearly and precisely by the dentist in Sonoma. Such mandatory visits can also reveal other invisible abnormalities related to dental implants and more.

  4. Eschew Certain Food Items:

    Consuming hard food can result in the cracking or breakage of teeth. This could potentially trigger the need for affixing more dental implants in Sonoma. Likewise, eating sticky food can gradually tear down the structure of the implants. This will prompt the implants to get weaker. The temptation to munch hard candy, peanuts, caramel, dried food etc must be regulated.

  5. Say Clear of Unfavorable Habits:

    Negative habits like smoking and vaping set back the healing process phase of dental implants. They are detrimental for bone structure which will largely determine an individual’s oral well-being. Consuming alcohol beyond normal limits can culminate in tooth sensitivity, setting off oral pain. In order to ensure the durability of dental implants, avoiding cigarette smoking and sticking to occasional alcohol consumption are vital.


Dental implants in Sonoma are considered as eternal fixtures. Hence consulting a practitioner who is a specialist in dental implants is necessary. If you are in Sonoma and need advice regarding tooth restoration or preventive care in Sonoma, consider Dr. Kimberly Quan Hubenette at Synergy Dental Group. Dial us at 707-938-9066 for an appointment right away.

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