5 Important Preventive Dental Treatments

5 Important Preventive Dental Treatments

Like it's always said: prevention is better than cure. Especially when it comes to dental treatments, waiting for the excruciating pain makes no sense. It’s always advisable to visit a dentist beforehand to detect any potential oral issues. With the daily dose of beverages, acidic foods and sticky candies you nibble, your gums and teeth need thorough check. A lot of oral issues occur because of plaque sticking to your teeth and gums, which is an invisible layer of bacteria. These extract sugar while sticking to your teeth and produce acid. The latter attacks your teeth and gum and erodes enamel over time. In our previous blog, we have explained the appropriate age to opt for preventive care dentistry in Sonoma. Read on to discover 5 important preventive dental treatments.

5 Important Dental Treatments of Preventive Care in Sonoma:

  1. Dental Examinations:

    Your dentist will do a thorough dental diagnosis which include the following:

    • Gum check: A dentist will check bones encircling the teeth and gums for any possibility of periodontal disease.
    • Oral Screening: Oral screening in Sonoma where the dental practitioner will check various oral parts for any possibility of this malignant disease.
    • X-rays: A dental expert will want to check jawbones, roots and underlying oral structures to detect any bone-loss, cysts, tumor or decay.
    • Current Tooth Restoration: For tooth restoration in Sonoma the dentist will check if you have an existing implant or veneer, for its placement. Also, expect the professional to detect how the restoration is for braces, aligners and crowns. If you have an existing filling, the dentist will check the current condition.
  2. Sealants:

    A dentist will place dental sealants to protect your teeth from accumulating bacteria and food debris, responsible for cavities. It can also protect you from tooth decay. Dentists will do teeth cleaning and fix sealants by abrading the teeth surface. This helps sealants fuse well with the tooth surface.

  3. Teeth Polishing and Whitening:

    If you have a shaded enamel owing to genetic factors, medication, injury or consumption of strong coloured foods. Teeth whitening in Sonoma is an initial part of preventive dental treatment. Also, polishing will help to get rid of stains.

  4. Basic Oral Education:

    A proficient dentist will educate you for preventive oral care at home like brushing daily, flossing, and more to prevent tooth decay, cavities or plaque buildup.

  5. Cleaning and Scaling:

    You must go for a routine dental cleaning every 6 months or at least one a year to remove any plaque or tartar. Both lead to the tooth cavity. The tooth cavity in Sonoma is cleaned using professional and specialized dental tools.


If you are looking for preventive care in Sonoma, check out the reviews of Dr. Hubenette who is known especially for preventive dental treatments at Sonoma. For more information call us at 707-938-9066 to schedule an appointment today.

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